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Kot/Room for rent Antwerp-Diamant Aarschotstraat, 2018 Antwerpen

Posted: 9 months ago

NAKO student house
Good & safe location
Student friendly
Central heating
Double glazing
Bathroom(with bathtub) & WC on each floor only for 3p
Kitchenette on each floor
Big kitchen with sitting corner on GF
Our slogan “Clean & friendly”
Non smoker
No pets
Fitness club is on the same street
Washing salon next by

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please contact us if you are a student or doing current study works age below 35.

Fitness studio
Bus stops
Washing salon
Antwerp Diamant Park
City Center is 10 min away (by bicycle)

€320 + €60 charges, per monthAvailable now
Charges+ €60 charges, per month
AvailabilityAvailable now
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