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Procedure for a complaint against a property owner

Our procedure for complaints is as follows:

  • The owner will be informed of your complaint and given a chance to respond.

  • They are informed that if further complaints are lodged against them, they risk having their account suspended or closed.

  • We keep a record of all complaints lodged against an owner.

We don't have any way to directly warn future tenants against an owner, however often the fact of the owner knowing that we are aware of the issue and that they risk losing access to our platform can help to improve the situation.

In the case of a serious complaint or repeated complaints upheld against the same owner where there is adequate supporting evidence we will suspend or permanently close the account of the advertiser.

To make a complaint against a property owner on skot.be:

Please use our contact form or email support@skot.be. In your message please make sure that you:

  • Confirm the details of the person in question (name and email), so that can be sure that we are directing the complaint to the correct person.

  • Explain your relationship with the owner (for example, "current tenant", or "tenant between … and …"). Please provide some evidence of this if possible (eg photo of your signed contract, or screenshots of messages between you and the owner).

  • Provide a detailed account of what happened. If your complaint concerns a general pattern of behaviour, illustrate it with any specific events that your recall. Give as many details as possible. If you are able to provide supporting evidence, all the better.

  • Tell us if you are happy to be identified to the owner or not. If you prefer to stay anonymous (for example, because you still live in their accommodation), we will not use your name and remove any details that might directly identify you. Note that we can't guarantee that the owner will not guess your identity, only that we will do our best not to make it easy for them. Note that it is difficult to respond to a vague complaint, so if we are not able to provide details we are unlikely to obtain a satisfactory response to your complaint.

If you want to go further…

There is a legal conciliation procedure available, which you can undertake without costs.

We advise you to also follow our internal procedure because it allows us to keep a record of complaints and helps us be aware of problem owners.

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