The story behind

Hi. I'm Olly Cope.
I live with my family in Liège, Belgium and I built

Back in 2011, I was one of the team behind Hello Kot, the network of student accommodation sites covering Liège, Namur and Brussels. We were talking about how to let people search our listings. I wanted to try a map based interface, but we had some questions:

I built to answer these questions.

It proved to be a success, with thousands of visitors every month searching for kots, house shares and apartments.

Hello Kot decided against using the idea, but still, lots of people found useful. So I kept it running as a hobby, paying for it out of my own pocket – even long after leaving the Hello Kot project.

In 2017 I relaunched making it faster and better. now accepts listings for residential property lettings of any kind: apartments, houses or rooms.

I still work with Hello Kot and support their mission to improve student accommodation across Belgium. If you want to advertise student accommodation in one of the cities served by Hello Kot (Liège, Brussels, Mons, Namur and Louvain-La-Neuve) then head over there and place your listing.

For any other adverts, I would be honoured to have your listing on!

Why the name?

Truth is, I didn't think much about the name when creating the site. I took the word kot as a starting point and looked for a name that I liked – one that was easy to type and remember.

I found pretty quickly and it seemed to fit, so I've never looked back.

I pronounce skot like the name 'Scott'. Later I found that some people prefer to say 'ESS-kot'. Choose whichever you prefer!

Contacting us

You can find all our contact details on our contact page, or send me a personal email with your comments and suggestions.

If you find a problem with the site you can log it on our GitHub issue tracker

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